Virtual Field Trips

Before the Class Begins:

Welcome Virtual Tour Participants:

  Before class begins in August, you need to have ten minutes of video and at least twenty photos for your virtual tour . We have digital cameras available for you to use all summer . They take both still and video images.

Nancy Tancredi in Central Office (x370) will sign equipment out to you. Each camera comes with a tripod, ac adaptor (plug in to outlet) and battery. Please recharge the battery before returning the camera. You are welcome to use your own equipment, but you must bring in the cord that connects to the computer as all cameras are different.

The Molin and Nock teachers will have access to the cameras that they have been using during the year. Bresnahan and Brown can use the flip cameras if they feel more comfortable with them. High school teachers are welcome to use whatever equipment they choose to. We suggest you use a tripod so you can have a steady image.  Also limit yourself to twenty minutes of video ( if you are  using school equipment)  so we can fit everyone's footage on the cameras.

Remember you are only going to use ten minutes of video for your virtual tour. Do not erase anything as other people's videos might be on the camera that you are using. 

  A sucessful virtual tour should have a specific focus and educational
objectives.  It should also meet standards in your curriculum area. Please plan what you are going to do before you begin the filming process. It might help to make a concept map to get your ideas organized. If you have any questions please feel free to call Sherri Gray at 978-739-4893  or Gail Ramsey 978-465-8203.
We look forward to going on all your virtual tours. Have a wonderful summer.
                                     Sherri and Gail

About the Course

A 3-day technology workshop -2 in-service credits
August  9, 10, 11, from 8:00 – 4:00
Sherri Gray and Gail Ramsay


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 You will learn to create Virtual Field Trips, find engaging 2.0 websites, and learn everything you need to know about copyright in regard to images, music and videos. In this workshop you will also learn to create forms, headers & footers, tables using Microsoft WORD. These skills will be used to create rubrics and lesson plans for this course.

Prerequisite This summer as you visit museums, go on trail walks, or tour historic homes, take photos (at least 20) and video clips (as many as you like) from your trip. (Note: that your final project will use a maximum of 10 minutes of video.) Video and still cameras are available to borrow. Arrangements can be made with instructors.

Day 1: Tuesday, August 9, Photos & Videos, Planning, & Samples All photos and videos must be brought in so they can be uploaded and converted to appropriate file types. If you are using your own video or still camera, please bring both the camera and the cord that connects it to the computer. Students who don’t have photos and videos will not be able to continue with the course.

Day 2: Wednesday, August 10 Focus will be on virtual field trips, where to find them on the web and the reasons to use them in the classroom. With photos and video footage you will create a virtual field trip using windows movie maker. Student-centered activities that relate to the field trip will be explored. Glogster, flickr, and google maps are some of the tools that will be utilized.  Assessment tools and classroom management tips for these projects will also be discussed.

Day 3: Thursday, August 11 Discover interesting websites that you can use to engage students in all curriculum areas. End the session with a discussion of copyright laws for images, video, and music that you use in projects or show in class. Learn where to find copyright free material for all your class technology projects and how students should cite material.

Use Microsoft Word to create tables and forms for rubrics, student assignments, handouts, and lesson plans.